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Anonymous: "The difference between me and others is that they just want to have you I want to love you fix you and show you there's more to life 💗"

But you don’t come off anon… 💔

Anonymous: "Cheer up baby everything will be okay things come and they go smile pretty boy 😊 when I'm feeling down you're smile brings a smile to my face."

Thank you! I just need to surround myself with positive people. I adore this!

gnarl-ganja: "I really hope you get through with whatever is having you fell down (: Stay strong !"

Your message honestly lifted my spirits. Thank you so much just for going out of your way to send me this. Appreciate it.

Anonymous: "How often you think SB get his allowance .. Every two weeks ?"





You thought you were funny… How lame. I’m actually dead at the fact that some of y’all really think SB is broke and needs Nicki to survive. First of all, he’s her hypeman. Therefore, he’s automatically on payroll. Second of all, he’s one of two founders of a successful restaurant “Philippe Chow”.. That’s money as well. He’s a business man. Nicki is smart.. She knows better than not to surround herself with leeches. Nice try though.



The August/September issue of The Fader is finally out on newsstands. Here’s a behind the scenes of yours truly shooting Nicki Minaj for the cover and the inside feature.
Thanks Todd Weaver for the picture. Follow him on tumblr and instagram. He’s one lovely man.